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Now 18 months after the initiative began, today Khronos is announcing that the Vulkan 1.

Vulkan Driver Support

Along with the release of the specification itself, today vulkan 1 also mark the launch of document, drivers, SDKs, conformance tests, and even beta software support. Khronos has never had a hard API launch before — previous procedures were to vulkan 1 the specification and then let members trickle in with drivers and applications — so this marks a major occasion not just for graphics APIs, but for Khronos as an organization going forward. After being gifted Mantle 1. The end result is that Vulkan has its vulkan 1 firmly in Mantle, through Khronos has worked to make it very clear that multiple vendors are responsible for contributing IP that ultimately went into Vulkan. Vulkan will be the low-level, low overhead successor to OpenGL, as low-level APIs have become increasingly important over the past few years.

vulkan 1

Overall, Vulkan has also given Khronos the chance to start anew and to throw out 25 years of OpenGL history, vulkan 1 that some sections of the development community have been clamoring for since the middle of the last decade. Meanwhile, as Vulkan 1 is not the only low-level API on the block — and indeed is likely to vulkan 1 the last major low-level API to be introduced — Khronos will not just be fulfilling their mission in releasing Khronos as an open, multi-platform API, but they will be leveraging that in order to try to drive the adoption of the API. Which is not to say that Vulkan is guaranteed to be any more successful than OpenGL has been, but certainly the new API and this new era of hard vulkan 1 an API give Khronos and Vulkan the best chance they could realistically have.

From a technical perspective Khronos designed Vulkan vulkan 1 work on most hardware and operating systems that supported recent releases of OpenGL and OpenGL ES, and by and large they will hit that goal. Linux will of course get support for the API, as will Windows. Meanwhile on the mobile side, Google has previously committed towards integrating Vulkan support into Vulkan 1, where it will be a first-class API. Android will not just support Vulkan for rendering, but the Android platform test itself will include tests for Vulkan.

Vulkan - Wikipedia

Unfortunately the one notable holdout here — and the reason not all current OpenGL platforms will support Vulkan 1 — is Apple. In the last year Vulkan 1 has doubled-down on their vulkan 1 low-level API, Metal, even extending it to the desktop. Unfortunately this means that there will not vulkan 1 a modern, low-level API that can cross iOS-Android or Windows-OS X, and the overall API ecosystem will be more Balkanized than in past years, something that most developers will likely rely on middleware to resolve. Though despite all of this, Khronos was quick to note that while Apple pulled out of participating in the Vulkan working group, they are still a member of the Khronos vulkan 1 overall. When we were briefed on Vulkan last year, Khronos announced that Vulkan would offer feature sets as a means of allowing a single API to accommodate the differences in features available on desktop and mobile GPUs.

For Vulkan, Khronos opted to give platform holders the right of first refusal on defining feature sets; Khronos vulkan 1 only define feature sets if the platform holder passed on it. Now that Vulkan is launching, we have updated information on which platforms will be defining their own feature sets, and what Khronos will be doing vulkan 1 the rest. Google has confirmed that they will be handling their own feature set vulkan 1. Meanwhile, as expected, Microsoft has declined and deferred to Khronos. Khronos for their part has not yet defined the feature vulkan 1, so these are still to be determined. The current idea being floated, though by no means guaranteed, would be to have a desktop feature set that closely mirrored OpenGL 4.

The all-important Vulkan 1 conformance test is already complete, and 30 drivers have passed testing. In turn, some of those drivers will be getting released today for developers and end-users to experiment with vulkan 1 away. Both drivers are developer betas and either бездепозитный бонус за регистрацию без отыгрыша features or are based on older branches than current vulkan 1 drivers, however the NVIDIA driver has passed Vulkan conformance testing. AMD for their part has been advertising Vulkan vulkan 1 for their entire range of Graphics Core Next for some time, and at this point that encompasses all of their non-legacy GPUs.

Finally, Intel has confirmed that Broadwell Gen 8. Also being released today alongside Vulkan drivers will be Vulkan software as vulkan 1. Croteam has previously announced that they have been developing a Vulkan rendering path for their puzzle-em-up game The Talos Principle, and Khronos tells us that a version of the game with beta Vulkan support will be released today, giving everyone something to test Vulkan against. So The Talos Principle may not be the only Vulkan software release today. Khronos for their part has a slew of resources, including documentation, references, and the source code for their validation and loader tools for debugging.

vulkan 1

The LunarG SDK will include a complete set of tools for Vulkan development, including the necessary validation layer, debugging tools, and trace and replay tools. Ultimately Vulkan 1 think middleware is going to solve vulkan 1 of the developer accessibility problem — as has been the plan with DirectX since the beginning — and Khronos tells us that at this point developer feedback and involvement on Vulkan has been better than expected. Gallery: Vulkan 1. Vulkan 1. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment.

Vulkan Specification Released: Drivers & Games Inbound

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